Welcome to TRG

I started writing a book for hiring managers to handle their own recruiting. As I got deep into writing, I took a step back and thought about how often I actually hire a developer.

Then I realized that hiring managers like myself simply don’t hire all that often. And when I think about the biggest dev hiring footprint, I immediately began to think about technical recruiters.

Some developers I know have a kind of antagonistic relationship with recruiters - a viewpoint I never personally shared. They see the spam techniques and lack of research where I saw the key value recruiters provide.

I view recruiters as a vital cog in a developer’s career and an important middleman or sorts between employers and possible employees.

I looked back over what I had written for hiring managers and realized that the majority of it can be even more valuable to both recruiters and, by extension, their clients and propects.

That’s the seed from which this site is born: TRG exists to help recruiters more effectively match developers to employers.

The first guide, “The Technical Recruiter’s Guide to Ruby,” covers a language and ecosystem near and dear to my heart and the full version is coming on May 26th.

You can order now for nearly 40% off, download a sample chapter covering where to find Rubyists and read all about it on the project page.

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