Tag: Mindset

Recruiting from Instability

Written by Chris on April 21, 2014

Indianapolis-based ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce.com a while back. Upon hearing the news, I immediately leapt to Twitter: Indy hiring managers: Start making relationships with ET engineers now. They’re not looking yet, but will be ... Read more

Microconf 2014 - How developers think

Written by Chris on April 16, 2014

Honeybadger.io cofounder Benjamin Curtis gave a great talk at MicroConf 20141 about how to sell products to developers. You can find my notes on the talk itself at my personal blog. The talk also provided a great window into how developers ... Read more

Being a developer is not about talent

Written by Chris on March 21, 2014

Being a developer is not about how talented you are. Development is not some born-with skill, but rather a set of skills acquired through practice. Like a tradesman - a plumber, carpenter, electrician or the like - the only way you learn to be ... Read more