There’s a massive update to the sample chapter, and there’s new pricing coming

I just made a major addition to the sample chapter for “The Technical Recruiter’s Guide to Ruby” that adds a table comparing each of the recommended sites for posting a job ad.

The update also includes more information on my secret weapon for recruiting,, and a new section on using Craigslist for job postings.

The chapter still isn’t quite final - I need to add a bit about why Ruby job ads on places such as, Monster and CareerBuilder are a waste of money, for instance - but the amount of value in that sample chapter is simply huge right now.

It not only outlines where exactly you can find Ruby developers and advertise for Ruby jobs, but it makes specific recommendations about which give you the biggest bang for your buck.

The sample chapter is available for free on the product page, and when you preorder, I’ll send it (and any future updates) along as well.

In related news, I’d highly suggest that if you’re interested in preordering the book, you should do so in the next few days.

Starting on Monday, the price of the book will be increasing significantly, and there’ll also be brand new pricing tiers that will give you even more tools to hit the ground running on recruiting Ruby.

I can’t wait to show these tiers off, but wanted to give you one last chance to get the book at this crazy-low price.

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