Recruiting from Instability

Written by Chris on April 21, 2014

Indianapolis-based ExactTarget was acquired by a while back. Upon hearing the news, I immediately leapt to Twitter: Indy hiring managers: Start making relationships with ET engineers now. They’re not looking yet, but will be ... Read more

There’s a massive update to the sample chapter, and there’s new pricing coming

Written by Chris on April 17, 2014

I just made a major addition to the sample chapter for “The Technical Recruiter’s Guide to Ruby” that adds a table comparing each of the recommended sites for posting a job ad. The update also includes more information on my secret weapon for ... Read more

Microconf 2014 - How developers think

Written by Chris on April 16, 2014 cofounder Benjamin Curtis gave a great talk at MicroConf 20141 about how to sell products to developers. You can find my notes on the talk itself at my personal blog. The talk also provided a great window into how developers ... Read more

Job Ad Takedown - All About You

Written by Chris on April 10, 2014

This a weekly feature at TRG, where we take a look a technical job ad and talk about what works, and, more often, what doesn’t. Today’s ad Ruby Developer Pittsburgh, PA Resourcesoft Inc. provides Information Technology Professionals ... Read more

Why your recruiter email gets ignored

Written by Chris on April 8, 2014

If you’re a technical recruiter, most of your job function centers around email1. For the good recruiters like yourself, that’s email to a carefully selected list of developers that you think are perfect for this opening (we’ll talk about those ... Read more

Welcome to TRG

Written by Chris on April 7, 2014

I started writing a book for hiring managers to handle their own recruiting. As I got deep into writing, I took a step back and thought about how often I actually hire a developer. Then I realized that hiring managers like myself simply don’t ... Read more

The Non-Technical Technical Screen

Written by Chris on March 25, 2014

Assuming you’ve done your research ahead of time, the traditional interview process becomes burdensome and largely unnecessary. After all, a lot of the traditional interview process is about vetting a candidate. But you’ve largely already done ... Read more

Being a developer is not about talent

Written by Chris on March 21, 2014

Being a developer is not about how talented you are. Development is not some born-with skill, but rather a set of skills acquired through practice. Like a tradesman - a plumber, carpenter, electrician or the like - the only way you learn to be ... Read more

Selling your client's strengths

Written by Chris on March 20, 2014

Let’s think about what it is you’re selling to potential candidates. Because a big chunk of hiring - especially when you’re dealing with folks already employed elsewhere - is marketing. You need to be able to confidently outline to potential ... Read more