Helping you more effectively generate leads and hires began as a resource to help technical recruiters become better matchmakers between employers and developers.

The rationale behind this is a core belief that recruiting done right serves a vital role not just in helping employers fill vacancies, but in helping developers to further their careers.

The guides and blog you’ll find here focus on what we like to call relationship-based recruiting — no spamming or cold-emailing or spray-and-pray. The goal is to help you better understand how developers think so you can better provide value for both sides of the relationship.

The Team

At the moment, TRG is a team of one.

Chris Vannoy Chris Vannoy is a developer of more than decade’s experience (in Ruby and PHP, primarily) as well as a hiring manager at one of the largest media companies in the world as well as a small advertising firm that services some of the largest companies in the world.

In that decade-plus, Chris has seen the technical recruiting business from all sides:

At TRG, he takes the insight he gained in all three of these roles to provide you with the tools you need to recruit more effectively.

If you’re interested in writing a guide to either a programming language or some other aspect of technical recruiting, get in touch.